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Precipitation Effect of Polyacrylamide


When choosing polyacrylamide, many customers are not very clear about the precipitation effect of the product, so they are hesitant in front of many kinds of products. Why here is to introduce the precipitation effect in the polyacrylamide water industry.

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In order to better exert the effect of polyacrylamide, it is necessary to stir the particles before use. The effect of mixing is affected by temperature, and the way of mixing is also different. When in use, it should be stirred reasonably according to the local natural environment temperature to ensure its due effect
Under the mixing requirements of different seasons, the use of polyacrylamide needs to master the correct mixing skills to ensure the uniformity of its dissolution, otherwise it will affect its use effect. At the same time, when enterprises choose polyacrylamide type, they should choose an appropriate method according to the characteristics of the water quality after treatment, so as to better exert the flocculation effect of the product.

Polyacrylamide has different forms, the common ones are powdery and granular. According to the different types of ions, it can be divided into cation, anion, non-ion and double ion. Different types of ions play different roles in different application fields. The main water treatment agents in the industry are widely used in industrial wastewater, urban sewage and other fields. Different types of polyacrylamide ions play different roles in different application fields.

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Polyacrylamide can be used in many industries and water treatment industries. At the same time, polyacrylamide can remove impurities in drinking water and is beneficial to human health. Many organic wastewater is difficult to process through filters. Polyacrylamide can effectively purify these organic wastewater and save water resources for industrial water. Therefore, its market value is very high.

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