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PAM For Effluent Treatment Plant

Anionic polyacrylamide is an organic polyacrylamide flocculant, a coagulant aid, and a water-soluble polyacrylamide. Because its molecular chain contains a certain number of negative groups, it can absorb suspended solid particles in water to form large flocculation masses, which accelerate the sedimentation of suspended solids in sewage under the action of gravity.


Product Features

Good flocculation effect with small dosage.
The treated water has a high degree of clarity.
Wide range PH value.
Good filtration and dewatering performance improves the dewatering effect of sludge.
Good compatibility with inorganic coagulant.


pam for effluent treatment plant 6PAM for Mining

Mining water contains a large amount of mud and water. If using natural sedimentation method, the efficiency is low, and need a large area for sedimentation tank. After adding the flocculant, the efficiency can be greatly improved.

The polyacrymide (PAM) and its copopymers as a linear water soluble polymer are highly versatile group used in a multitude of application. Here is how it works, use electric charge to break the balance of the water body, so that colloidal particles are gathered into large flocs and separated from the suspension. The effect is obvious, and the dosage is small.

PAM for Sedimentation

The special flocculant for mud sedimentation can greatly increase the solid-liquid separation speed. The mechanism of the polymer flocculant is to cause effective agglomeration between mud particles through the effects of adsorption bridging, surface adsorption and charge neutralization, forming a “oversize particle” greatly accelerate the speed of sedimentation.
PAM for Sand Washing
The water consumption of sand washing plants is huge. With the increase of environmental protection requirements, it needs to be recycled after treatment, so PAM using for flocculation-precipitation process are particularly important.

Product Advantages

High molecular weight, good flocculation effect, small dosage, can save sewage treatment cost.
The solid-liquid separation speed is fast, effectively reducing the sewage treatment time.
Wide range of application.


pam for effluent treatment plant 7pam for effluent treatment plant 8

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