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PAC For Drinking Water Treatment

Polyaluminum chloride is a new type of inorganic polymer water purification flocculant. It is a hydrolysis product between aluminum trichloride and aluminum hydroxide. It has strong bridging adsorption performance and is easily soluble in water. The hydrolysis process is accompanied by electrochemical condensation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical and chemical processes, which can remove toxic substances and heavy metal ions in the water. The water purification effect is far superior to traditional low-molecular-weight water purifiers such as aluminum sulfide, ferric chloride, iron sulfate and alum.


Product Features

Wide range of application, suitable for various kinds of water.
It is easy to quickly form large alum flowers and has good precipitation performance.
The suitable PH range is wide (between 5-9), and the alkalinity of water has a small decline of the PH value after treatment.
Stable precipitation effect can still be maintained even when the water temperature is low.
The degree of alkalinity is higher than other aluminum salts and iron salts, and less corrosive effect on equipment.

Product Advantages

The purified water quality is better than aluminum sulfate flocculant, and the water purification cost is 15%-30% lower than that.
Good solubility, high activity, large alum blooms formed by agglomeration in water, rapid sedimentation, and purification capacity 2-3 times greater than other inorganic flocculants.
Strong adaptability and not affected by the pH value and temperature of the water. After purification, the raw water reaches the drinking water standard. After treatment, the content of anion and cation is low, which is convenient for ion exchange treatment and the preparation of high-purity water.
Low corrosiveness and easy operation, which improves the labor intensity and working conditions of the dosing process.

Product Parameters

Product appearance: White, brown, yellow solid particles or powder
Purity: 99%
Model: 22%, 24%, 26%, 28%, 30%
Packing specification: 25kg/ bag
CAS: 9003-05-8
Quality standard: GB15892-2009

Storage conditions: cool, dry and ventilated place.
Application: A series of sewage treatment such as domestic sewage, industrial waste water, sand washing, coal washing, printing and dyeing, drinking water treatment, etc.


Delivery time: The goods will be shipped within one week after receiving the balance payment.

After-sale service

After-sales service: If there is any problem in the use of the product, we have senior engineers who can help you solve it online and send video for your learn.


Kraft paper bag with plastic film inside or PE bag.
Note: We can do OEM and change the packaging information according to customer requirements.

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