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Cationic Polyelectrolyte

Cationic polyelectrolyte is abbreviated as CPAM. The appearance is white powdery particles. The cationic polyelectrolyte exhibits positive charge in acidic or alkaline media. This can effectively flocculate and precipitate the suspended particles in the sewage which with negatively charged. CPAM is a professional sludge dewatering agent, but also an ideal flocculant for water treatment.


Product Feature

Good water solubility, can soluble in cold water.
It can be used with inorganic flocculants (polyferric sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, iron salt, etc.) for better effect.
Low dosage, normally 0.01-10ppm will work.

Product Advantages

Cost- efficient, low dosage can make a difference.
Can significantly improve the efficiency of sludge production or reduce the moisture content of the mud.
Effectively work in a wide range of PH value (2-9), and can be used under weak acid conditions.
Stable performance, good decolorization, sedimentation and turbidity removal effects.

Product Parameters

Appearance: white power
Ion degree: 10-70
Dissolving speed (min): ≤ 60
PH range: 4-9
Model Type: Strong cationic, medium cationic, weak cationic


cationic polyelectrolyte 6


Polypropylene flocculant cannot be used directly in sewage. It must be dissolved in water before use, and then its aqueous solution is used to treat sewage.


Dissolved water should be clean water (tap water), normal temperature water works. Dissolution in water temperature below 5℃ is very slow, improving the water temperature can accelerate dissloving speed, but more than 40℃ will accelerate the degradation of polyacrylamide, affecting the use effect. Strong acid, strong base, high salt water is not suitable for the preparation of polyacrylamide.

The configuration method is as follows:

1. Add a certain amount of water in the container (the experimental beaker, the factory’s matching tank), and calculate the amount of polyacrylamide needed according to the amount of water and concentration;
2. Turn on the electric mixer, stir the water into the vortex, slowly sprinkle the polyacrylamide Swirls of water, and eventually becomes a uniform, transparent, viscous solution, with no visible clumps.


This product is non-toxic powder particles, should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, avoid light, pay attention to moisture. In addition, the reloading and unloading and transportation need to avoid the product and iron, copper metal contact, delivery pump priority choice diaphragm pump and piston pump.

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